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Fajer was with 3abdallah for 4 years, when he goes to ba7rain and sits at the bar he sees a drink that looks cool and orders the same not knowing that it contains alcohol in it. Thats why he thinks to himself "shfee hatha" lama the bartender winks at him. He gets drunk and meets Sara ilba7rainiya, who he then kisses. Fajer forgave him, but she realizes how her feelings changed rapidly after what he did to her.

Fahad doesnt know 3abdallah. He randomly met Fajer bil jam3iya the day Fajer broke up with 3abdallah. Fahad was interested in Fajer min awal ma shafha. In part 9 he was having lunch ib Johnny with his best friend 9ale7, when coincidentally Fajer comes in with Lulu.

Shai5a is Fahad's cousin. She likes him. Her best friends are Mariam and Rahaf. Mariam is still inlove with her ex who is now married. Rahaf thinks 9ale7 (Fahad's friend) is hot, but 9ale7 likes Lulu (Fajer's friend).

This is just the begining, everything and everyone mesh up later in the story.. Hope this helps;**


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Something You Stole - Part 21


Fahad's dad is taken to the ICU and he's still wandering around the hospital waiting for updated news. Fajer is healing nicely and rapidly. While Mariam was at the salon doing her eyebrows, she gets a call from Ya3goob's phone, turns out its his wife telling Mariam to stay away from him- she refuses ofcourse, and they get into a heated argument.


Haya threw herself in bed again, she couldnt get up for university today..

Outgoing call Fahoodi;*


"Hala Fahoodi shlounik?"

"Jismy mitkasir..intay shlonich?"

"Tierd! Matwa8a3 ra7 adawim ilyom, bayeelik il mustashfa okay?"


He didnt want her to worry at the moment. She was the really sensitive type, any sort of news could freak her out. Il 7ilo feeha inha 3ala niyaat-ha. It9adig ayshay o wayid trustworthy o 6ayooba. She arrived at the hospital at 12 noon with ice cream and vanilla milkshakes for her and Fahad since he mentioned craving it last night.

Outgoing msg Fahoodi;*:

Im here, heading up now

She walked to her father's room expecting Fahad to be waiting for her on the sofa by their father's bed watching tv. But she opened the door and found nothing but an empty bed. The room was cleared up and fixed, there was nothing. The worst thoughts came to mind, but before panicking she called Fahad


"WAIN OBOOY!??" she almost yelled

"Hayoon, 5atho il 3inaya il murakaza.. intay 9ob il'3orfa?"

"Sh9aayir fahad?? lat5ari3ny!!"

"Mako ila il5air inshalla, kani yaylich"

A few minutes later Fahad showed up. He greeted his sister with a warm hug and took the drinks and ice cream from her. He walked her to the waiting room of the ICU, they werent allowed to go in yet, and no one gave them a straight forward answer yet. Haya crossed her legs then looked at her foot that she moved up and down anxiously. She curled her short brown hair with her fingers, and played with the necklace that her lover put on her neck 2 years ago..


Mariam finished and got into her car. She couldnt stop thinking about Ya3qoub's wife, what did he see in her?

Lazim ashoofa..

She thought to herself.. and decided that after hanging with the girls, she was going to act upon her "master plan"

She went back home and found Rahaf o Shaikha barra waiting for her..

"Hi ya 7ilooo" Rahaf greeted Mariam as she got in

"Hala walla"

"Shlonich?" Shaikha asked

"Zaina, bagoolikom shay"

they looked at her

"Allah yaster.."


"What if I made Ya3goob divorce his wife?"


" :O "

"cuz abee"

"OK tabeena bs mo ib kaifch tfargeen bain awadim!"

Shaikha just stared, mo mistaw3iba ily ga3da tgola Mariam

"Banat, mishaina?" Mariam big-smiled like nothing was going on

Shaikha turned her face to Rahaf and Rahaf stared back at her, after a few moments they headed off to Nino.

When they got there they sat by the windows next to the beach, and made their orders. Rahaf looked around and Shaikha played with the salt she sprinkled on the table, Mariam was excited and looking foreward to the evening..


It was Fajer's last day at the hospital, and Lulu was outside making payments for Fajer's admission.


"Alo halla mama shlonich?"

"Halla yuma wainich ams ba'3ait akalmich! kint ib ma7al Abrecmomba malkom hatha ily habeen fee, ligaaitlich training yhabil sharaita lich o ma3aa t-shirt ham 7iloo"

"Hehehe mashkoora yuma tislam eedich, shlon obooy 3asa mistanseen?"

"Weee, ta3ban maskeen kil ma gitla ta3al 5nroo7 ntmasha gali ta3ban wla mo gader"

"Yalaa m3alaih yuma lama trj3oon inshalla tridla il 6a8a il 5aleejiya hehehe"

We laughed a little and caught up, but I didnt tell her about the hospital. Lulu came in and signaled that we had to leave so Mama and I said our goodbyes and I headed out my room with Lulu.

Lulu and I passed through the halls heading to the exit, but my eyes scanned every single corner, I wasn't sure what I was searching for but all i know is that I had to find something that would fill this emptiness I was feeling. Something that my aching heart could feed on and become satisfied by.. I found nothing.

As we got into Lulu's car all i could think about was Fahad. His thoughtfulness. His face. Everything about him seemed perfect to me. Then again, 3abdalla also seemed perfect to me at the begining.. and ended up being a filthy lier.


Outgoing message Goobi

Ya3goob..i know i messed up..plz meet me in 2 hours bil 7adee8a.. its important..please!

Mariam got butterflies as soon as she pressed send. She loved Ya3goob so much. You know when you love something SO MUCH and when it's suddenly snatched away from you your mind doesnt cope with the facts of it being gone? Thats how it was with Mariam. Ya3goob was her baby. Her first love. The one she gave herself to on his birthday. The one she sacrificed everything for.. He was the one by her side during her brother's death. He stood by her through everything. She loved and still loves Ya3goob to death..


Shaikha called Fahad to check up on rang but he didn't pick up. She called again..



"hala shai5a..amray"

"shfeek za3lan?"

"obooy 6ayi7 bl mostashfa...6a7 3aleena bl sharika.."


"ee...i7na ib mstashfa dar ilsalam itha btyeen.."

"OK OK im on my way!!"

"Whats wrong babe?" Rahaf asked

"Gi6oony mostashfa dar ilsalam! My Fhood's daddy is tierd...!!"

This is my chance.. this was my only chance to show Fahad how much I really care about him..I need this, I need to be there...I can't blow this..

"3afya drop me home awal, omi tabeeni asa3dha ib cham sha8la.."



Mariam went up to her room in a hurry.. she put on ya3goob's baby blue polo shirt, rolled up the sleaves, and put on dark skinny jeans. She grabbed the keys to her car and headed to their usual spot. Where they always went when they just wanted to talk. When she got there she began to worry. Ya3goob wasn't there. She sat on the swing. Looked behind her.. There was no one around. The place looked dead. Nothing looked the same to her.. She wanted to call him but was worried that the Slutbag would pick-up.. She waited anxiously, there were no nerves left in her body. She couldnt handle all this. Her heart was wrenched and her lungs frozen. The only movement occured when her tears fell from her eyes. It started out as a silent type of sob, then it hurt more and she couldnt hold it in any longer. Since no one was around and she was sure that Ya3goob wasn't coming, she let herself go.. She allowed her body let out all the hurt it felt. 10 minutes later she gave up.. She got up with her swollen face and walked back to her car.

Why didn't Ya3goob come? Doesnt he love me anymore? ..Her thoughts went in circles as nothing made sense to her..



Shaikha got to her cousin Fahad just in time.. as soon as she found him the nurse walked up to him, and Shaikha hurried to hear what she had to say.. She noticed Fahad and Haya's eyes widening.. then they got up really fast. Shai5a ran towards them.

"Shfeekom sh9ayir??"

"Galaw we can see him..!" haya shreiked


"Fahad he's going to be okay.." Shai5a smiled

"Allah ysma3 mnich.."

They went in and all sat around his bed.. He looked really tierd

"7mdila 3ala salamtik yuba"

"Allah isalmik"

"7mdilla 3ala salamtik 3ami" Shai5a smiled

"Allah isalmich 7beebti"

"Yuba are u feeling okay?" Haya asked with tears in her eyes

"Ee yuba mafeeni ila il3afya lat7ateen 7beebti"

They all sat there in silence, Haya's eyes were fixed on the tv, Fahad was staring into space and Shai5a studied Fahad's beautiful features..

"Shtfakir fee?" She put her hand on his shoulder

"Mafakir ib mind is blank"

"Fhad no one's mind is can talk to me.." her hand rubbed his shoulder trying to comfort him

"I dont want to talk about it"

"Is it about 3ami?"


"Shino ba3ad?"

"Ashya2 5aa9a"

"Hehe, Fahad c'mon im your cousin.."

He looked at her and forced a smile..


"Is it a girl?"

Fahad began to feel uncomfortable and got up. "Taboon shay min ta7at banat?"

"No thanks"

SHai5a stood up "ayi ma3ak.."

"La, its ok.."


"Wdy akoon bro7y shwaya" he smiled..

"3la ra7tek"

Haya oo shai5a both watched Oprah in silence, oo Fahad's father fell asleep.. :Shai5a's mind tried tricking her into following Fahad.

Its not healthy for him to stay alone at a time like this.. she thought

"Hayoon baroo7 il 7amam ana shway warja3"


7baybi i know it's been a long time but something suddenly came up and i shut myself out again, hope this time its different. I owe you all a very big apology! By longer posts of course ;p I love you all and thanks to those who stood by me through emails. This post was dedicated to y'all ;* .. I also posted a clarification for those who are still confused. Please be patient la2ana it all clears up as the story goes. A7ibkoom;**


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Something You Stole - Part 20


"MINO INTAY!?" he hissed at her. She began to shiver but stayed completely quiet. His hands added more pressure on her cheeks hurting her, and finally, she managed to speak-

"3abdallah*, ur killing me"

His heart thumped at the name that came out of her mouth. He hated that name. He hated what that name did to Fajer. He wanted to strangle her for saying it. The beeping of the machines got louder and louder-

"Call Dr.Mohammed! Sister! Pull this with me!" a nurse yelled

Fahad woke up in shock when the nurses barged in like a herd of animals running towards his father, Fahad got up clueless and began to panic-

"Whats happening!??? EXCUSE ME!" they all ignored his presence, tugging on wires, pushing buttons and injecting fluids into his father's system "SISTER PLEASE!!!- TALK TO ME!! TELL ME WHATS HAPPENING!!" they pushed his father's bed out of the room, and Fahad ran after them begging for an explanation. Dashaw il 3enaya il murakaza o Fahad galba y6ig..

Rabi as2alak an ta7mi walidy (x8) La elaaha illa allaaah, la elaha ila allaah, la elaha ila allaaaaah! 

Fahad recited the mu3awathat and a few verses from the Quran, knowing that God was the only one who held the next decision of his father's situation. He panted like a track-and-field runner, and tried to catch his breath as he sat down on a row of plastic chairs against the ceramic hospital wall, 2 hours later he fell asleep.

The next morning, Lulu got a call from Fajer's parents.. They were coming back from their trip in 2 days and wanted to check on their daughter since her phone was off and they couldnt reach her. 6ab3an Lulu twahegat o galat 7ag ahalha ina Fajer is perfectly fine and she's sleeping beside her. T6aminow so they closed the phone quickly.

"Fajoooor" she nudged her slowly, "Fajoora gomay...omich daggat!..wain ur phone??"

Fajer ignored her because she was very tierd.

"Fajooooooor...!! gomaay!"

"haa haa haaaaa?" 

"omich dagat.. wahagteeni!!"

"hmm? mita??"

"tawa! i told her u were asleep.."

"zain tsaween, mabeeha tadri 3an ily 9ar, ok Lulu?"


Lulu went to the bank to pay for Fajer's admission at the hospital, she was like her sister- nothing was ever awkward between them. When she got back, she found Fajer walking with the help of a nurse. She was getting better! "Al7amdillah" she thought to herself. 

"Fajer is waaaaalking!!"

"Lulutiiii i feel great! Haha!"

"Yagaaalbiii 7adi far7ana" she said fluttering her eyelashes, they both laughed.

Shaikha slept over at Rahaf's, and as soon as they woke up she called Mariam.

"We'r picking you up for lunch"



"Ok pick me up at 2"

They got up and showered, Shaikha straightened her hair, and Rahaf curled it, they always went as opposites- it was like their thing.

Mariam ra7at il 9alon for "7iffing her jungle" as she often put it (even though there wasnt much hair to be referred to as a "jungle") she wore a light green summer dress and tied her voluptious hair into a messy ponytail- she always fixed it that way when she wasn't in the mood, but it looked hot! She got into her black turbo and headed to her aunt's salon bil surra.

10 minutes later her msg tone rang- it was a very familliar number- a number she longed for seeing- a number she was addicted to punching into her phone in the past:


She replied "mino?" even though she knew exactly who it was

A few minutes later the number calls. Her heart jumped, backflipped, pounded, swell-up, you name it! Her finger trembled to push the green button, but she excused herself from Shanti and went out to the balcony to answer the phone..


There was a silence

"Aloo?....Ya3goob aloo?...."

No reply

"Ya3goob please, gool shay.....aloo? 7ayati please, anything?"

There was still no answer except for someone's heavy breathing that increased after every word Mariam said

"Ya3goob im so sorry about what please gool shay...aloo?...please talk to me!"

"Intay Mariam?" a voice slowly said, it wasn't Ya3goob's. This voice was familiar, almost too familiar- it replayed just ONE specific incident in Mariam's mind:

"hey hey mino intay?"

How could she forget anyway? This woman's voice peirced into Mariam's ears like snipers the day before. She was in complete shock at the moment. 

Why would this bitch be calling me? And from Ya3goob's phone!? What the fuck does she want? 

"Ee na3am, intay mino?"

"Ana zojat Ya3goob, sima3tay? ZOJ-TAH .. a3eed?"

SLUT-BAG was all i heard bitch.


"Intay ily shba'3aitay! Ma tsti7een 3ala wayhich? Jidam kil il nas o jidamy yaya tzifeen rayli?"

"Low sma7tay...intay mat3arfeeni o mat3arfeen Ya3goob shino bl nisba li--"

"Sim3eeeni! An--" 

"LA2 INTAY ily sim3eeny! Ya3goob 3ebara 3an 7ayati klha, oo mat3arfeen ana shino momkin asawi 3ashan ma yi'6ee3 min eedi. Sam3a?"

There was a long silence, then the line was disconnected- Mariam took a deep breath before her eyes swelled up and spit tears down her cheeks.. she brushed them off with her palm and went back into the salon to finish off..


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Something You Stole - Part 19

Guys this is a very short post, I'll make it up ;**


"MARIAM! tukfain..." 

Mariam wasnt anywhere near backing down.. "tkfaaain? int ily tkfaa, tkfa ir7amny! laaish Ya3goob?? ha?? tell me! you walk around with this other woman when it should be me in her place! five God-damn years that you just thr-" Rahaf and Shaikha were in shock, bsir3a gamaw o they grabbed Mariam by the arm and pulled her away, Shaikha walked her to the car while Rahaf payed for their untouched food. 

Ya3goob's wife's face was undescribable, her eyes teared as she heard Mariam's words being directed to her husband. Ya3goob looked at Mariam with his dark brown eyes that were the size of tennis balls- he couldnt believe this was actually happening, in public, infront of his WIFE..! He knew deep down that he couldnt trust himself being alone around her, his feelings for Mariam didnt change- instead, he wanted her more than ever. 

Fahad drove back to the hospital after having dinner with Haya and dropping her back home, he couldnt leave his father alone despite the fact that he was always harsh on him, he was his father. Lulu and Fajer hung out and talked a little, a while later Fajer drifted to sleep lama Lulu indamjat ib musalsal. 

Fahad entered his dad's dark cold room, lowered the AC so he'd comfort his father's body temperature, and sat by him.. His thoughts were jumping all around in his head as his eyes stayed fixed on the buttons of the hospital bed, he stayed that way for a very long time.
The door squeaked open slowly, and a girl's slim figure appeared in the middle of the door frame, her hair was long and straight, and she was wearing a loose blue dress. Her feet were bare, and she pulled a long metal pole with wheels on its ends, by her side. She struggled to walk but headed towards Fahad. She stood infront of him and smiled, he couldnt see her face clearly because it was dark, but he saw her teeth gleam at him.

"Its cold Fahad" her sweet voice tuned

"M-mino intay?"

She didnt answer him. Her body came closer to Fahad and she sat down on his lap, "Fahad, im cold, do something.." she said again, as she hugged his neck with her arms and rested her head on his chest, under his chin. 

"Please dont leave me 7ayati, i love you." her voice scared him a little, his chest was pounding like bass drums and she felt it on her right ear.

"Mino intay?" he asked again.. She looked up at him and kissed him on the lips. Just one kiss was enough to paralyze Fahad's full body. He couldnt help but play with her silky hair, but felt something wet on the side of her neck, he touched it again and tried to make up what it was, more of it oozed out. He began to tremble.

"Taste it" she dared. And so he did.

It tasted a little like salt and iron. Maybe metal? He didnt know exactly what it was but he just froze when he thought it tasted like blood. The room was dark, cold, and very quiet. The only sound around them was the beeping of the machine that supported his father's survival. The beeping went faster and faster, it made him anxious and it's annoyance irritated him! He grabbed her face and looked right at her.. 

"MINO INTAY!?" he hissed at her. She began to shiver but stayed completely quiet. His hands added more pressure on her cheeks hurting her, and finally, she managed to speak-

"3abdallah*, ur killing me"

* (3abdallah wasnt a typo.)

Stubby ;**

Ade, What Were You Thinking!?

  Adriana (left) Gia (right)


I just got done watching 90210.. lay3a chabdi! ADRIANNA entay 7mara wila 9aida wila shaklich chithy? La2 jad jad I want to contact the 90210 director and scream at him so badly! I mean shes so pretty oo i loved her character bs shino ya3ni she turns into a lesbian!? What about NAVEED!? Mo china gabil cham youm u were going crazy cuz he left you?? Ifffff la2 may9eer chithy! She should get over this phase ASAP! tara walla aroo7 7ag the set w a3fis il dinya 3alaihom! This caaaaaantt haaaappen :'( 

Ade ya kalba. 

Stubby ;\