Saturday, August 7, 2010


Fajer was with 3abdallah for 4 years, when he goes to ba7rain and sits at the bar he sees a drink that looks cool and orders the same not knowing that it contains alcohol in it. Thats why he thinks to himself "shfee hatha" lama the bartender winks at him. He gets drunk and meets Sara ilba7rainiya, who he then kisses. Fajer forgave him, but she realizes how her feelings changed rapidly after what he did to her.

Fahad doesnt know 3abdallah. He randomly met Fajer bil jam3iya the day Fajer broke up with 3abdallah. Fahad was interested in Fajer min awal ma shafha. In part 9 he was having lunch ib Johnny with his best friend 9ale7, when coincidentally Fajer comes in with Lulu.

Shai5a is Fahad's cousin. She likes him. Her best friends are Mariam and Rahaf. Mariam is still inlove with her ex who is now married. Rahaf thinks 9ale7 (Fahad's friend) is hot, but 9ale7 likes Lulu (Fajer's friend).

This is just the begining, everything and everyone mesh up later in the story.. Hope this helps;**



  1. :o
    you are backkkk:D
    canttt waitt forrr the nexttt part!
    i miiss them! andd you! x
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  2. Part 21 is up Blue Lilies;* im glad to be back, seriously! missed u more;**

  3. wow! i just finished reading all your posts!
    i love your story !
    cant wait for you to continue :)


  4. i just read your whole story oo 7addha 3ajbatny oo i would love it if u could please please continue it... im hooked on it..
    7addha 3jibatny ur stort o aby a3arf what happens next;**

  5. it's so sad that you've stopped posting.